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Name: Fallow Earth

Story: Mankind slowly makes most large fauna go extinct over the centuries as they use up more and more space and resources. Then, a couple tens of thousands of years later an asteroid about 7km across is heading towards the sun but the orbits of other planets make it head for Earth. Humans notice the asteroid too late and are only left to let evacuate Earth and let it go it's course. The asteroid hits the Earth around the Earth around South Africa and due to it 50% of life on the planet goes extinct.

Earth's human population is spread across the extraplanetary colonies and humans from Mars decide to aid Earth's biosphere in restoring. And because a lot of Earth life has been spread to other stars Earth is chosen to be part of an evolutionary experiment, what would happen if extinct animals were revived and were to take part in Earth's biosphere again. As the Earth's biosphere is restored humans revive larger animals, some long extinct, others due to the asteroid, and make sure that their populations are stable. They guide the evolution of life on Earth for a couple Thousand years and then abandon the solar system all together to let things run their natural course.

About 15,000,000 years later mankind returns to Earth and decides to put down colonies. The small colonies which exist of mostly scientists, students, military soldiers (to protect the colonies from any dangerous wildlife) and some citizen interested in mankinds original home. Earth has gone through a small 50,000 year ice age 9,000,000 years after mankind leaving it. After wich temperatures go to the same as they are today untill about 15,000,000 years after mankind left earth the temperatures gradually rise 3 degrees (celcius) warmer than today.

Revived lineages (extinct)
Tyrannosaurs ( Tyrannosaurus, North America)----------worked out, art done
Coelophysoids (Coelophysis, North America)-------------worked out, art done
Unenlagiines (Buitreraptor, Europe)
Dicynodonts ( Diictodon, Europe; Placerias, Africa)
Ceratopsians ( Triceratops, North America; Psittacosaurus, Asia)
Tapejarids ( Europejara, Europe)--------------------------worked out, art in progress
Pterodactyloids (Pterodactylus, Africa)
Dimorphodontids ( Dimorphodon, Oceania)--------------worked out, art in progress
Basal diapsids ( Longisquama, Europe)-------------------worked out, art done
Indricotheriines ( Paraceratherium, North America)-----worked out, art done
Dinornithines ( Dinornis, Oceania)------------------------worked out, art in progress
Eusauropods ( Atlasaurus, Europe)-----------------------worked out, art done
Ichtyosauridae ( Ichthyosaurus, Europe )
Nothosaurines ( Nothosaurus, Europe)-------------------worked out, art in progress
Mosasaurines ( Carinodens, Europe)----------------------worked out, art in progress
Phorusrhacids ( Phorusrhacos, South America)----------worked out, art done
Gorgonopsids ( Lycaenops, Africa)
Dromornithids ( Bullockornis, Oceania)-------------------worked out, art done
Palaeotheriids ( Hyracotherium, Asia)
Neornithischians ( Kulindadromeus, Oceania)
Dinocephalians ( Estemmenosuchus, Asia)
Labyrinthodonts ( Crassigyrinus, South America)--------worked out, art done
Ornithomimids ( Gallimimus, Africa)
Silesaurids ( Silesaurus, Asia)
Eurypterids ( Pterygotus, African coast; Drepanopterus, reef in front of Brazil)
Leptocleididae (Leptocleidus, great Barrier reef)
Gastornithids (Gastornis, South America)-----------------worked out, art done
Enanthiornithes (Iberomesornis, Asia)
Basal Avians (Sapeornis, South America)
Cetotherids (Cetotherium, Pacific Ocean)-----------------worked out, art done

Revived lineages (modern) (some survivors included)
-Carrion crows (europe)-----------------------------------worked out, art in progress
-dogs (initially worldwide but only survive in North America)
-chickens (Europe)
-white storks (Europe, Africa)-----------------------------worked out, art in progress
-cows (Europe)---------------------------------------------worked out, art in progress
-horses (Asia, America)
-double-wattled cassowaries (Australia)-----------------worked out, art done
-koalas (Australia)-----------------------------------------worked out, art done
-emus (Australia)----------------------------------------- worked out, art done
-european rabbits (Europe)
-grouse (North America)
-blue herons (worldwide
-white-tailed deer (Asia, Europe)
-ring-necked pigeons (Worldwide)
-wild boars (Europe)--------------------------------------worked out, art done
-keas (South America)
-anteaters (South America)
-green frogs (Worldwide)
-nile monitors (Africa)
-black headed gulls (Worldwide)
-tree kangaroos (Australia)
-Nile crocodiles (Africa)

Not listing every species of plant or insect that is revived/that survived.
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Jan 24, 2015


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Art Creation

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I recently decided something, and I'm afraid most of you will not like it. I have decided that for all members, aside from contributors and up, submissions will be closed from now on.

Thank you for understanding
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Where is everybody?
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I have a question for y'all concerning the subject of monitor lizards in this universe:  Have they gained any form of higher cognition or are they still limited to just being able to count to 6?
OviraptorFan Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017  Student General Artist
my own question about moniter lizards,how do they evolve after the extinction?
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Oh, okay.   Good to know!   The reason why I asked, because monitor lizards seemed to have a higher cognition than other reptiles.   I was also thinking of a seafaring culture amongst macaws, if they gained sapience, and I've yet to submit a deviation, but it'll be a surprise for y'all.   So, stay tuned!
JonaGold2000 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really have to post that update about the contributions... I'll get on it.
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so how is everyone today?
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